Surgery Preparation

The following information will help you plan for your upcoming surgery.

Pre-operative Medication Instructions
Please call your physicians office that has prescribed you any medications that you currently take.  Inquire if there is a need for you to discontinue any medication prior to surgery.  You will be provided a list of medication and herbs that must be stopped one week (7 days) prior to your surgery.  Regular or extra-strength Tylenol is fine to take during this time.

Post-operative Physical Therapy
Not all patients require physical therapy.  Physical Therapy will depend on how you are doing post-operatively and is usually not required until after your first post-operative visit for your incision check.  If physical therapy is prescribed for you, please take the prescription that was provided to you at the Center for Spine & Orthopedics to your physical therapy appointment.  It is your responsibility to verify the facility and your benefits with your insurance company.

Work Restrictions / Time away from work after surgery
Your Center for Spine & Orthopedics healthcare providers will provide activity restrictions for you to provide to your employer, school, referring physician, case managers, or insurance company.  Any paperwork requested by your employer or insurance can be sent to the Center for Spine & Orthopedics medical records department.



  • Notify your healthcare provider (Surgeon, Nurse, Anesthesia, N.P., P.A., etc) if there is any change in your physical condition before surgery, such as fever or infection.
  • You may have NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK after midnight (or 8 hours prior to your surgery), unless instructed otherwise by your anesthesiologist.  This includes water, hard candy, gum, breath mints, etc.
  • If you use inhalers, please take them to the hospital.  Inform the hospital of all medications you are taking, including the dosage and how often you take the medication.  If you’d like, you can bring the medications you take at home to the hospital.
  • You will need to check in at the hospital TWO (2) hours prior to the surgery, unless you have been instructed otherwise.
  • Bathe or shower the morning of your surgery.  Wear loose, casual clothing that is appropriate for your surgery.  A button-up shirt, rather than a pullover, is recommended for patients having cervical fusions.
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home.  If you wear glasses, contact lenses, and/or hearing aids, bring a case to store them in.
  • If you will be staying in the hospital following your surgery, please take items appropriate for your stay (i.e. slippers, robe, toiletries).
  • Patients having outpatient/same-day surgery must make arrangements to be driven home from the hospital.  The hospital will not allow you to take a taxi unless there is a responsible adult with you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Center for Spine & Orthopedics at 303.287.2800

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