Success Stories

The Center for Spine & Orthopedics is proud of its success with our patients.  We love to share their personal stories so you can see how CSO changed their life! Read the success stories and testimonials of a few satisfied patients below:

K.A., Back Pain & Cervical/Lumbar Fusion After receiving a cervical and lumbar fusion, K.A. can return to one of her passions, her golf game. Now motion and pain free, she can get back into the swing of things as they were before her back pain restricted her lifestyle. Congratulations for a speedy recovery, K.A.! Check out more pictures of her golf game here.
JENNIFER EMMETT, Back Pain & Artificial Disc Replacement For Dr. Jennifer Emmett, a surgeon at Denver Health Medical Center, constant back pain was not an option.  While going through years of medical school and surgical training, her back pain continued to worsen and affect her way of life . . . On Sept. 20, 2006, Emmet’s life changed forever.  She underwent artifical disc replacement performed by Dr. Michael Janssen, orthopedic spine surgeon and member of Thornton’s Center for Spine & Orthopedics.  Within hours after surgery, she was up and walking.  Two days later she was driving.  She was back to work within two weeks.  Read more on Dr. Emmett’s success after surgery.
JOHN BECKHAM, Degenerative Disc Disease & Artificial Disc Replacement Mr. John Beckham had been suffering from back pain for years.  He had tried physical and injection therapy; these modalities had only provided him with temporary relief of his back pain.  He was unable to golf at full capacity and had difficulty performing at work.  Over time, the back pain became more profound and unrelenting forcing John to stop competing in golf tournaments due to the fact that he was unable to complete an 18-hole game.  Ultimately his condition reached the point where his passion for golf was out weighed by the continual pain that disabled his performance.  Read about his successful surgery.
JOHN IRELAND, Bulging Disc & Artificial Disc Replacement Mr. John Ireland is an Emergency Medical Officer with the Pueblo Fire Department in Pueblo, Colorado.  In November of 2003, he sustained an injury while performing his duties.  His initial diagnosis was a bulging disc.  His symptoms included severe lower back pain, radiating down both legs, decreased mobility and flexibility, and numbness and tingling in both legs and feet.  He was placed on light duty.  As a result of the ProDisc surgery, he returned to full duty after 6 months.  He compliments the staff at the Center for Spine & Orthopedics as being world class.  Read this patient’s testimonial.
  ROBERT ZABEL Mr. Zabel returned from a 3 day backpacking trip.  Had he not undergone surgery with Dr. Janssen, he would not have enjoyed his trip to the Big Horn Mountains in north central Wyoming with his family.  Read his thank you letter.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Janssen, Ruth, and Staff, I have been 99% pain free since my surgery in July. I have all of you to thank for that! You gave me back my life. I’m now physically active again. Not taking pain medications have almost taken away all of my stroke symptoms. No stress of pain and I can walk, write, read, etc. The list goes on and on. THANK YOU!
– Patient Name Undisclosed

Dr. Janssen and Ruth, At this time I would like to send out my gratitude and heart felt thanks to both of you!! And also another special thank you to the rest of your team of qualified professionals. I was always treated with the utmost care and concern with which I find is almost extinct in todays medicine. I truly believe that when a person/patient is treated with dignity and respect it helps in all areas healing and self-esteem. You both stuck by me and believed in me and never once labeled or treated me as a “work-comp” status.
– Patient Name Undisclosed

Today I had the pleasure of seeing one of your patients. She is a young lady enlisted in the service, who repairs military equipment. She informed me, with tears in her eyes, how lucky she felt that Dr. Janssen was her surgeon. She commented on how skilled Dr. Janssen was and what a caring person he was. She stated that when she was worried, he would give her a big hug and reassure her that he would help get her through this. She was very, very grateful for all that Dr. Janssen had done for her.
– Patricia McKenna, OTR