Please review the Post-OP guidelines to ensure proper care after your surgery. Click here to download and print Post-Operative instructions.

Post-Operative Natural Healing
Many patients opt for a natural healing method after surgical and non surgical treatments. Allow yourself to enjoy your recovery as you visit Saratoga Resort and Spa for natural healing in the mineral hot springs. “The place of magic waters” features a 70-foot natural hot spring mineral pool and intimate teepee covered private pools. The mineral spring pools produce water containing minerals which give it a therapeutic value which is both healthy and rejuvenating for your body. The minerals are absorbed naturally through your skin, helping to re-mineralize one’s body and promote health and healing. Please check with your physician prior to preforming any post operative treatments as not all treatments are recommended for everyone.
Post-Operative Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy will depend on how you are doing post-operatively and is usually not required until after your first post-operative visit for your incision check.  Not all patients require physical therapy. If physical therapy is prescribed for you, please take the prescription that was provided to you at the Center for Spine & Orthopedics to your physical therapy appointment.  It is your responsibility to verify the facility and your benefits with your insurance company.