Degenerative Disc and Spine Experts

Back pain is the second leading reason for patients to visit their primary care physician.  60 million Americans suffer from lower back pain and by the age of 50, 85% exhibit disc deterioration which is a natural process of aging.  Different treatments are available for degenerative disc disease depending on the stage of deterioration.

Dr. Janssen is a board certified spine surgeon at the Center for Spine & Orthopedics and has also served as chairman for AO Spine, the largest international group of spine specialists throughout the world.  AO Spine is a Swiss-based non-profit organization based on a network of surgeons who are committed to the study, practice, and teaching of AO principles and their advancement in the field of trauma and musculoskeletal surgery.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Dr. Janssen and see his work.  You will see his professional involvement with AO Spine and see the success his patients had after he preformed different treatments for their degenerative disc disease.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Degenerative Disc Disease Pt 1 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Degenerative Disc Disease Pt 2